18 March 2017

Whales and Free Stuff!

We start this week with the news that our Friday Live Lunch is coming back! We will be back over the Easter Holidays to have our cyber lunch with you once again, and discuss our new app, do some demos, talk about Easter and more importantly...ask what have YOU been up to?! We will keep you updated!

The Flossy and Jim app is getting rave reviews and people from all over are now unlocking their phones with a smile on their face!

To make you smile even more, we are now offering promotions on our mobile phone covers, so now your phone can have a full Flossy and Jim make-over! Brighten up your life with a colourful phone and unlock screen! 

If you live around the coast, there is no doubt you would have heard about our visitor - the humpback whale! I would never have imagined in a million years I would see a humpback whale around the Devon coast, but hundreds of people have! We have still not seen him, but will keep looking! Have you seen him yet?

Our top seller at Flossy and Jim this week has been our happy tote bags! We have new designs this week, so check them out at our shop! www.flossyandjim.com/shop-1

As you will know Mothers Day is next weekend! Get your orders in now ready for the big day. Last orders for cups taken this Monday (20th). Don't forget all online Mothers Day orders come with FREE Chocolate! 

Have you entered our Cray Cray Giveaway yet? Check out our social media for details on how to enter! Prizes include this selection including studio pouch, 11oz cup, chocolate and haribrush - worth over £60! WOW!

We hope you are good and have a fab week! Flossy and Jim Over and Out! Xx