25 March 2017

How to make a Dangerous Cake!

OK, so this weeks blog post is slightly different. This week we made a cake. It is slightly dangerous making this cake. *** Safety guidelines at the end of this post.😎 ***

We are going to our friends house for dinner tonight, and we have suddenly come over all posh. We told our lovely hostess with the mostest that we would bring the pudding.

After trawling Pinterest for amazing cakes we found one that inspired us and set to work! This is how we made our cake incase you felt inspired and wanted to copy us.

1. OK...I'm going to confess now. I can't cook or bake. It ends up in disaster every time, so I bought a sponge cake and some fairy cakes, (to be on the safe side.) We stuck the two cakes together on a tray.

2. We only needed one fairy cake, and you can only buy fairy cakes in packs, so we then had to eat the other eleven cakes. Obvs.)

3. We made bought some pink icing and covered the cakes in it. This was surprisingly tricky as the icing kept sticking to the cake and ripping off parts of cake with it. We decided it was best to use the 'dollop' approach and not smooth the icing too much. (This was where we got technical.)

4. We then sprinkled our cake in sprinkles. Why? Because sprinkles are life...and now our cake looks magic.

5. Can you guess what it is yet?! Insert chocolate fingers into cake. You have to push them in quite a long way or they seem to push themselves back out. Bit Weird. Our cake is fighting back.

6. Add the all important malteser eyes and nose. Obviously you will have to eat all the other maltesers in the bag. *Sigh*

7. The most exciting and important part. Add the TEETH! This was the most special part for us and where the hedgehog really came to life. 

8. TA-DAAAAA! Doesn't he look special. We are very proud of ourselves.

This is the original picture we found on Pinterest. Amazing!

Have you made anything amazing lately? Let us know or even better send in a photo! We would love to see your creations. 

Let's hope the dinner guests will love the hedgehog as much as us. Flossy and Jim Over and Out! Xx 

*Disclaimer* - Jim had nothing to do with this cake. He can actually bake cakes. 

*Warning!* - Be careful while disposing of spare cakes and sweets incase of a crazy sugar high. (Still shaking.)