4 February 2017

The week we turned to jelly...

Bonjour mon petit pois! How are you? 🍏 🍏 (Couldn't find a pea emoji.)

We started this week with a photo-shoot! We were very lucky to work with some amaaaazing kids and teenagers who were all willing to give up their Sunday morning to help us out. We were trying to find a location that had nice wooden floors and white walls to make the kids and the products really pop out, and as luck would have it, our local restaurant 'Rockfish' - run by local celeb chef Mitch Tonks fitted the bill perfectly! We called them up and they very kindly let us use the restaurant before it opened. Thank you Rockfish! Our friend and professional photographer Alex Small took some amazing photos of the kids...I think we had almost a thousand photos by the end! Thanks so much to everyone! 

The 'Trendy Teen' shoot....we told them to pretend they were waiting for a bus...amongst other scenarios! (They were very patient with us!)

All the kids who took part got a F & J goody bag with chocolates, sweets and gift vouchers! Wahoo! 

Somehow, some of the kids got hold of my phone. This photo was taken by Rex age 3. That's Alex in the background busy sorting out his camera. Think Rex may have a future career in photography!

The shots we got were amazing! This is baby Hector, doing his cutest face sat a top a 'You are a Gem' bath towel, and a selection of cushions. *Waves hands around in a QVC fashion*

Rex stole the show with mainly his tongue! Haha! Hilarious! Here Rex is modelling a 'You drive me batty' tee.
The 'trendy teens' deserved a lie down after all the hard work....surrounded by more cushions! 

After a rather manic weekend, I suddenly got struck down by some weird illness. Not sure what happened but I know I felt like poop. I was like a wobbly jelly who couldn't breathe properly, so we ended up spending the rest of the week working from home in our PJs. We only ventured out once to nip to the shops. It's been a week of total hibernation. Which was quite handy as 'Storm Doris' hit us, so it was nice to be in the warm house.

Olive kept us amused as always with her silly faces, and dressing up in Jim's t.shirt. 

Rambo has enjoyed having us at home, and has spent the majority of the week on my lap whilst I work. He has helped us build a whole new website this week! You can check out Rambo's work here at: www.flossyandjim.com
We hope you have had a good week! Can you believe it's February already! *Dramatic Gasp!* See you next week for more exciting* gossip. 

*The word 'exciting' may have been mis-used in this sentence.