10 February 2017

"The dog flew over the Mooooon!"

Aloha! Another week has just flown by! Is it just us or is time zoooooming by?! Are we living in some sort of time-warp!? 

Anyway....enough about me rambling on about how time flies, and get back to our week in photos. 

This week in 'Dog-Land', Rambo took Olive for a magical bike ride....Olive wasn't too keen on being in the front basket, but Rambo being the ASBO hoodie he is, was very persistant. Olive had no choice but to back down and sit in the front wrapped up in a blanket (to hide her shame.) They later told us they went on some crazy adventures, meeting aliens, flying over the moon, and eating cheese. All this while we nipped out to do the food shop! 

It's a hard knock life...for Olive.

In 'Human-Land' - I was very excited to accept a surprise parcel from the postman. When I opened it, it was a box of American Girl Guide Cookies! My brother had them sent over for my birthday! What a cool pressie! Thanks Bro! 

In 'Trying to be Healthy - Land' - we started yoga. Jim is particularly un-bendy, so we had a go at some gentle beginners yoga in the lounge. Jim got a bit over-excited and tried to attempt some advanced moves. It took me three hours to get his leg out of his ear! Check out the 'sticking-out-tongue' concentration! Haha!

In 'Drawing-Land' - we drew A LOT! It was a very happy week, as we haven't actually done any drawing for ages, which is weird. Apparently running a business means you have to do other things 90% of the time - haha! It was a really lovely, fun, drawingy(?) week. We also got some REALLY REALLY EXCITING NEWS and I'm pretty sure we can announce it this week - so stay tuned to our social media!!! You won't regret it. Eeeeeeeh! We are SO.FLIPPING.EXCITED!!! Our studio is currently surrounded by dolphins, bats and dogs, as they are the only known mammals to hear our excited screams right now.

OK....(calmed down now)....in 'Shop-Land' - we have a SALE! Get on over to our online shop at: www.flossyandjim.com and check out the B.A.R.G.A.I.N.S! Whoop! Everything a FIVER! EVERYTHING A FIVER!!! 

We are having a sale to make way for new 2017 stock.
We have brand new products - towels, wash bags, wallets....check it out!

I've actually nicked this wallet for myself - I love it so much! It makes me smile when I spend my pennies.

Right, better go....there is more drawing to be done, whilst laying on a bench in the sunshine, whilst surrounded by carefully placed F & J products - hah! This photo cracks me up...but I like it. 

Have a fab weekend everyone! Ahead of Valentines Day, we send you lots of love! *Mwah!* XxXxX