17 February 2017


This week can be described in three words. BRAVE. EXCITING. HAIRY.....oooh, and Bonus Word - ANNOUNCEMENT!

BRAVE....because after six months of psyching myself up, I went to the dentist. I know most people don't like the dentist, but I fear I am some sort of psycho dentist wimp.

Half an hour later it was over. Tooth fixed. No murder by dentist. The dentist was actually AMAZING. Thank you dentist!

In bonus news - OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! 

If you have not seen already on social media, we can now announce *A FLOSSY AND JIM NEW AND FUN APP!*

Flossy and Jim Lock Screen App – making unlocking your mobile sunny, funny and imaginative!
Edutainment Licensing (EL) in association with IconLogin® Limited are delighted to announce a licensing partnership to launch a new Flossy and Jim Lock Screen App for Android users, available in the Google Play Store from mid-March. The picture based app allows fans to use their favourite Flossy and Jim images, instead of a numerical keypad and pin code. “The Flossy and Jim Lock Screen turns the everyday act of unlocking a phone into something visual and fun”, enthuses Denise Deane from EL.

(Official press release speak.) We are SO EXCITED to be working with Icon Login - they are AMAZEBALLS!!!

Here it is! Wahoo! we are so excited!

Unlocking your phone just got seriously FUN!
HAIRY...To calm down from all this over-excitement, (and the fact it was half term), we have been on a lot of dog walks. We have walked on the beach, into a quarry, over countryside and all over the harbour. Rambo was a bit cold and shivery, so he had to wear his jacket. #chihuahuaproblems


Olive (left) and Rambo (right) - check out that grin!

As we were walking back up the quarry, a deer ran out right in front of us! It was so fast I didn't get a chance for a photo, so here is a Flossy and Jim reconstruction for you.

This week we have been selling lots in our online shop! You can buy fun stuff too at www.flossyandjim.com 

(That was a blatant sales pitch in the middle of our blog. We do apologise, but also not. We do have dogs to keep in jackets you know.)
EXCITING...To end the week with more exciting news, we launched some new characters! You might have seen them popping up on our social media this week?! Stay tuned as there are lots more popping up over the next few weeks, and may or may not have something to do with our new app....(OK, it is.) 


Hope you guys had a fab week! How would you describe your week in three or four words?