25 February 2017

Rainbow Dragons, David Bowie and Pancakes!

Our week in pictures!

The new F & J dragon was named! Thanks to everyone for your ideas. If your idea is part of the name - get in touch for your winning snazzy rainbow dragon cup! Whoop!

Our new app with IconLogin is soooo close to coming out! We have been officially testing it this week and it's amazing! (Even if we do say so ourselves!)  

How can a pair of pants unlock your phone? Find out soon! 

We are thinking we might have to have an app launch with lots of cake! Who's in? 

Ooooh! IMPORTANT! This weekend marks the deadline for sales of our ltd edition Bowie framed pictures!  Let us know if you would like to order one - £30 plus PP. All profits to the amazing cancer charity 'Cancer V Cabaret.'

Finally, this week, we got around to doing our own family portrait! (Only took five years but we got there in the end.) If you would like a one off bespoke portrait, it's £30 per person / animal drawn. Get in touch and we can book you in. (Current waiting time 6-8 weeks.)

Hope you all had a fab week, and are all mentally prepared for pancake day. Jim is in charge of pancakes in our house. I'm in charge of toppings. Olive and Rambo are in charge of cleaning up, and the kids are left with eating duties - haha! Who is in charge of pancakes in your house?

See you next week for all the pancake gossip! Xx