28 January 2017

The Dog Gurning Championships

This week was MEGA!

We went to Exeter for a very nice birthday Jamie Oliver dinner, we went to Exmouth to see a man about a book, we worked on a new website, we saw a squirrel, we had an idea about a squirrel, had an appointment with our accountant, did some Chinese New Year work, we worked hard on lots of projects (averaging 15 hour days)....we were interviewed by a magazine, supervised a 'Ninja Kitchen' (long story), AND we had some VERY exciting news, which we can hopefully tell you about in next week's blog! 

Once we stopped jumping and down from the exciting news and over tired delirium...here are some photos that sum up some more of our week...

...Jim admiring the F& J studio pom poms...(or he was thinking of something amazing.)

We took delivery of some new products. Ooooh. We are doing a photoshoot this weekend, so we were getting ready for that. This is a *NEW* Flossy and Jim 'Hello Petal' card holder. Oooh.

The amazing 'Clothing your Way' printed us some top notch clothing for the shoot. Look at all the pretty colours!

We had *NEW* towels flying about the studio...

We got a new chandelier! Are we posh now? 

The squirrel who gave us an idea...

The Jamie Oliver birthday meal. Yummers.

We made our first Charity sale! Thank you amazing 'Robshaw' Family! It's not too late to purchase yours - only £30, and all profits goes directly to cancer charities. Email us your order at: flossyandjim@gmail.com

We worked very hard this week....this was us most evenings....working in the dark. It's always sunny in our studio though!
At the end of the week our dog Olive managed to sum up how tired we felt with this one facial expression. We might enter her for the 'Dog Gurning Championships!'

The Horror!

We will finish the blog with a 'Diamond Geezer' because...why not?

Hope you guys all had a fab week! What have you been doing? Tell us below...we are nosey. Xx