21 January 2017

Please wipe your feet before opening this post....

Hello lovelies! How was your week?

This week we have been mainly trying to keep warm by wearing army tank onesies in the office. (We look like giant khaki caterpillars.) It's been freeeeeezin!

We have been working hard with our new agent *puts on sunglasses*, and we are very excited for the future of Flossy and Jim!

This week we also created...

Flossy and Jim gift vouchers! Available very soon! YIPPEE!

We also re-branded ' Captain Custard' (our car.) If you see us out and about give us a wave, and we will give you a beep!

After a scary mid week computer crash, and a two hour chat with apple, I had to clean the files on my computer. I stumbled across this page from one of my zines! (Please make sure you wipe your feet when leaving this blog post. Much appreciated.) LOLZ.

A little reminder that our 'Cancer v Cabaret' framed 'Bowie' pictures are still for sale! They are limited edition and cost £30 + P&P. All profits go directly to the cause. Message us your order! (Deadline end Feb 2017.)

Hope you had a fab week and we will catch you same time, next week! Xx