8 January 2017

Kapow! Back with a Bang!

Well howdy hoooo you beautiful people! How's it going?! What have you been up to?! 
Did you have a good Christmas and New Year? It seems like ages ago since our last blog, even though it really wasn't...the festivities seem to have made everything feel a bit time-warpy?!

We had a fab Christmas! Waaaaay too many quality streets + glasses of prosecco = a fab time! 

We have to admit it has been a challenge coming back to work and not wearing pyjamas...so we just wore our pjs in the office. (Perks of being self employed and a bit too fat for all our normal clothes.)

So....what's been happening at the F & J studio you ask!? Well, quite a lot actually!

We have had a rebrand and launched a brand new look...new logo / new website...

...new look studio! We actually spent twixmas producing over sixty pom poms to cover the entire studio ceiling! We will take some more photos to show you next time!

We got ourselves an agent! *Puts on sunglasses* She is absolutely amazing (obvs) and her agency 'Edutainment Licensing' has some amazing clients on the books. We are really REALLY excited to see what 2017 will bring. We do know that we are aiming to have a stand at the London 'Brand Licensing Europe' show in October, which is ridiculously exciting! 

We started the year with tonnes of lovely reviews from our clients! We are happy to see that everyone who ordered portraits or products had a very happy Flossy and Jim Christmas! 

The amazing 'Twit Twoo' shop in Brixham started the year in style by producing their very own Flossy and Jim window display! Pop along to see the brand new 2017 range! (You really can't miss it!)

One of our first commissions of the year for the fabulous blogging duo - "Two Brixham Birds!" We can't wait to start reading their blog and see what adventures they get up to!

*Illustration of the week!* Just a reminder that whatever resolutions you have or haven't made....you are already out of this world! Don't go changing too much...we love you as you are!

Let us know how your Christmas and New Year was! What did you get up to?

Don't forget to check out the new look website and updates here at: www.flossyandjim.com

Catch ya laterz potaterz! Xx