14 January 2017

An unusually sad post.

*Warning* - this post features sadness, which is a bit unheard of on a F & J post.

Unfortunately, we lost one of our best friends this week. We have some lovely memories of her and for those of you who have followed us from the beginning will know she featured in our early illustrated zines. She was our lovely neighbour (aged in her seventies at the time.) We got drunk with her and partied A LOT. We had many days out with her and her husband. We went fishing with them, shared an allotment with them, and they even saved me once when I got locked in the bathroom - haha! She was a genuinely fun and lovely lady.

This is a photo of our friends when they first met. What an amazing photo! 

With this in mind, we are supporting the yearly 'Cancer V Cabaret', David Bowie event! This year we are selling limited edition signed and framed 8x8" Bowie illustrations for £30 inc postage. If you would like to buy one - send us a message (flossyandjim@gmail.com) with your order. All profits go directly to the charity. (Available until end Feb 17.) 

We are thinking of producing an 'icon' a month to sell, and then we can make a whole collection of icons. We would love to illustrate some more cool people - who would you want to be illustrated? Maybe Elvis or the Queen!!! Let us know in the comments below.

Apologies for the unusually down-beat post...normal service will resume next week! Xx