23 December 2016

Come join us on an amazing trip...

...down memory lane! (Not in fact anywhere exotic...sorry about that!) 😂

2016....what a year! 

We couldn't help but be a little bit reflective and look back through our year. So why not put on your shoes and come and join us down memory lane...(if xmas tv is doing your nut in already!)

We celebrated being in business for three whole years! Thank you to our wonderful VA Ally for these amazing cakeys! 

We were delighted to be featured in Coast magazine...

...and Devon Life. Our illustration business also appeared regularly in local news, which made us feel very happy!

We were a feature 'On the sofa with Nick'...

...which we found lots of fun!

We started to spread our wings and ventured to London for stardom and licensing....(more on that soon!) 

We were over the moon to secure our first licensing deal with the one and only BOOMF marshmallows!

Our mission at F & J is to make the world a sunny, funny and more imaginative place to be, so with that strongly in mind we did a lot of volunteering at local events...

...this was our happy drawing tent on the beach in the Summer!

We provided designs for our local lido to help raise funds to keep the pool maintained. Our designs were used on merchandise such as swimming caps, t-shirts and bags!

Our charity of the year was Circus Starr, which is a charity which provides a circus to vulnerable and disadvantaged children. We went along to see one of the shows and designed t-shirts for them too, as well as sponsoring them.  They are a brilliant charity and we will continue to support them in 2017.

We also got on our high horses and took a stand with the #letthekidsbekids campaign. We deisgned the logo for the campaign to support primary children against the SATs pressure put on them. We held a community project for children and parents on the strike to celebrate creativity, and we were featured on the news locally, nationally and internationally! #bitshocked

Our t.shirt design was featured on the front of 'The Times!'

Our illustrations became phonics cartoon as part of the 'Which Phonics' business! It was amazing to see our illustrations being used in this way!

Our favourite barista returned in 2016, and kept us going with amazing flat whites. He was also a finalist in the Devon Life Food and Drink Awards for Best Coffee Shop! Congrats Dan - very well deserved!

Our illustrations were used on YUBLs 'Badass Birthdays' to celebrate famous birthdays such as Jack Nicholson, Uma Thurman and even the bloomin' Queen! *Gasp!*

Heat magazine used our illustrations too, as well as many other brands, such as Warehouse and Accessorize!

We rebranded two shops locally - Twit Twoo and Roar Retro, and that has been very cool to see!

2016 was also the year we became multi millionaires!
(When we did our banking wrong.) In reality there is a dusty moth in there.

We talked A LOT in 2016. We spoke at the Arts Council meetings, at Networking events, Corporate events and at Universities! 

We used to be scared of talking in public! Now we can't get enough! 

2016 will always be known as the year we won lots of awards too! We were finalists for Excellence in Customer Service and Business Growth. We were nominated for a MADS blog, and won Best Business Blog at the TorbayHour Social Media Awards.

We ended the year winning the Devon Venus Awards for Customer Service and being finalists for Marketing! We are still pinching ourselves now, as we represent our region nationally! 

We had lots of lovely reviews in 2016, which really meant a lot to us - you guys really are the best!

On a personal note, our main highlight was getting married, with a £500 budget, three guests and a ten foot tall dinosaur.

We want to take a moment to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who reads our blog, and supports us in anyway. We have made so many lovely new friends this year and we have such a supportive community locally and further afield - we feel really really lucky - so thank you to you all!

We wish you all a very merry Christmas, with lots of mince pies, and an AMAZING 2017!!! Let us know the highlights of your year in the comments below - we would love to hear from you all!