3 December 2016

A fish-tastic week!

Hola you lovely lot!

How was your week? What have you been up to? 

We have been up to lots this week, but the theme of the week seemed to be very 'fish-tastic!'

It all started at the Torbay Arts Culture Forum which we have started to attend regularly. The topic for discussion with the Arts Council was the bid for the 'Discover England' Fund and the 'Seafood Coast Project'. It was very exciting and inspiring to see what the future of Torbay holds.

As part of the Seafood Coast Project, the idea is to promote 'Brixham Squid', which was the idea of Barry Young from the Brixham Fish Market. Brixham Squid is actually the local seafood hero cuttlefish, which is mainly exported to Asia and China (80% of catch in fact, worth c£7m). There will be more updates on this project coming soon...exciting times!

The Torbay Arts and Culture Forum

Lots of creative people getting very excited, in the beautiful location of the 'Berryhead Hotel' in Brixham. We were treated to fish and chips after the event and it was very yum.

Our 'Brixham Squid' - he looks like a very friendly chap. (Also a very delicious chap.)

Later on in the week we were lucky enough to be invited to Rockfish in Brixham for some lunch. It was amazing!

This was the view from our table - the Brixham trawlers. We were going to eat fish that had been caught that morning. You can't get much fresher than that!

Jim was very excited! (As was the lady behind apparently.)

The waitress Hilary was really lovely, and she drew on our table cloth and told us what was caught in the morning and what was on the menu. There was hake, skate wing, whiting and gurnard!

Rockfish are expanding along the coastline. They are opening a new restaurant in Exmouth!

My amaaaazing cod and chips. It was soooo delicious. James had the hake grilled with a garlic butter.

There was an array of condiments, much to my excitement. (I don't get out much.) 

Mitch Tonks is the owner of Rockfish (and celebrity chef!) He had this wine specially blended for his 'Seahorse' restaurant so we had to try it out. It was beautiful! The whole dinner was totally amazing and a fantastic experience. We will be going back a lot! Especially if they have Brixham Squid to try!

In other news...this week has been freeeeezing! Rambo has not been happy. He has mostly been found in blankets, freshly tumble-dryed clothes piles and in our bed.

He seems quite happy there. We have got him a hot water bottle to get him through these tough times. What a diva.
Hope you guys are all keeping warm! Let the Christmas Countdown begin! Flossy and Jim Over and Out! Xx