12 November 2016

Did Cinde-bloomin-rella wear unicorn shoes?

*Breathes into paper bag*.....it's only 6 days until the Venus Awards Ceremony...I don't have ANYTHING to wear.....arrrgghhhh! #firstworldproblems

I'm sure I'll figure it out....I'm just more of a pyjama girl right now, than a 'go outside with grown ups and wear actual normal clothes type of girl.' I'll have to go and raid my wardrobe in a moment and see what lurks behind my monkey boots and unicorn onesies. Wish me luck.

Anyway, that aside, WE ARE VERY EXCITED!!! We are going to what is dubbed by Channel 4, as the 'Working Womens Oscars!' - I feel like Cinde-bloomin-rella. I can't wait. Eeeeeh!

My lovely friend Nadine sent me some ideas as to what shoes I should wear..these are AMAZING! You can find them at Irregular Choice, with all of their other amazing shoes! My 5 year business plan involves having at least ten pairs of their shoes.
These are all the other Venus finalists...who are all really inspirational and amazing. I can't believe we are in the same room with them all. Cheesy but true. Once you find out what they all do and their stories it's pretty overwhelming. I'll do a blog post about them all soon because you just need to know about them. Amazing, amazing women.

This was at the finalist announcement at the beautiful Saunton Sands Hotel in North Devon. I think Jim was telling us all a hilarious joke and we were waiting for the punch line. (We just all look a bit confused.)

Flossy and Jim are up for the categories of 'MARKETING' and 'CUSTOMER SERVICE' - please send us good vibes! We will bring you all the Venus gossip in next week's blog! We are currently practising grown up winning and losing faces.

This week we had a random 'HAPPY SURPRISE DAY!' This is the day we choose a random selection of previous customers to receive some happy post from us. We believe that your 'F & J' experience does not end once you have purchased one of our products or completed a commission...so our customers can always expect a bit more. This week we sent happy post, including socks, posters, sweets, cards, washi tape...even iced gems with faces on, to previous customers all over the globe, including the UK (obvs), USA and AMSTERDAM! Let us know if you received your #happypost

We have not heard back from Bobby Norris yet.....we hope he got to his destination OK.
(He told us he was a bit scared of flying on a aeroplane.) 

This lovely lady Annie sent us a video of her unwrapping her #happypost. Sadly this iced gem did not make it ooop' North. He did however taste amazing according to Annie - haha! ICED GEM CANNIBAL! 

Don't mug us off!
Alright, you can.....we went cup crazy this week, and 'Clothing your Way' printed us loads! 

If you would like a cup for Christmas give us a shout on here, or on our Facebook or Twitter. We are not updating our shop as we will be doing this in the New Year....as something very exciting is happening to F & J in January 2017! Stay tuned!
(Cups £10 + £4.99 p&p)

We also had some t-shirts printed for some very special customers in the USA!
(More on THAT later!)

BOOMF launched their new chocolate range this week, with Montezuma. (YUM!) Sadly, you can't get F & J chocolate just yet...but you CAN still get the F & J marshmallows! 

This week we have mainly been working with a celebrity chef....here is a tiny snippet of some of the work we are doing (totally not finished yet!). It has been a crazy week in our little studio...and all the chef illustrations have made us hungry. (Not good when you have an awards ceremony coming up and you need to be a stick.
Jim, please can I have my spanx back...)

It was also FREEZING COLD! Rambo spent the week in his new 'Bad to the Bone' hoody, with a hot water bottle in his new bed. He seems to like it there! Although, we do think he looks like a bad-ass gangsta in this photo...despite being the size of a small cat. Terrifying Rambo....you are truly terrifying.

We hope you had a good week you guys! Let us know if you received any #happypost! If you didn't don't be disheartened - we have many more happy surprise days up our sleeve! 

Tell us what have you been doing this week in the comments below! 

Keep warm and we will catch you next week! Xx