6 November 2016


What has been going on at Flossy and Jim's this week? Well...I'll tell you....

We gave away sparkly happy iced gems to people in the post! It was all part of our Friday Live Lunch on Facebook...I guess you kind of had to be there...haha! You are welcome to join in every week 1pm - 2pm! Join the fun!

This weeks live lunch involved a live book reading! 

It was Bonfire night! We got in the mood with some Flossy and Jim marshmallows and made some smores! You can get your own F & J marshmallows at www.boomf.com Perfect for hot chocolate in the cold weather too or for a unique gift!
This week we also attended a local networking night, organised by www.clothingyourway.co.uk and we got to print our own cup - which got us inspired....

....so we brought out a brand new range! Available now! 
*Smug Alert!* I was in the newspaper! I'm officially one of Devons 'Top Business Women' - which makes me feel like a right big-head! Thank you 'Plymouth Herald!'

We ended the week with some cosmic-ness! We looked out the window at bedtime and there were two really bright stars shining red and green. We took this as a sign and did some cosmic ordering (a-la-Noel Edmonds!) We can't tell you what we asked the universe for, otherwise it might not come true....but we will let you know when it happens. (We googled the stars and they are shiny stars at the end of their life, and because they are low in the atmosphere at the moment, they glow different colours! Check it out tonight!)

How was your week? Did you enjoy bonfire night? Have you ever cosmic ordered anything? Let us know in the comments below! We are well nosey! Haha!

Have a fab week you guys and we will catch up again next week! F & J Over and Out! Xx