9 October 2016

'Shake your bum, just like your mum'...and other stuff.

Yo yo yo! (Still watching too much Breaking Bad.)

How are you? What have you been up to? 

This blog post this week is a bit of a mash up...of bits and bobs. There is no specific theme, as the last week or two has just been a little bit bonkers and a little bit of this and a little bit of that...(and you shake your bum just like your mum - haha! Does anyone else remember that song!?)


We attended our first ever business show! We have been to business shows before but never as a business...if you know what I mean. It was a fab day and we met lots of new people. It was good to network with other people and show how we could help businesses become more approachable and attract customers with the use of illustration.

Example: Here is our *scary* accountant with his portrait. How could you be scared of him now?!

Last week, was taken over by girl power as I went on the rampage to win votes for the Venus Business Mother of the Year, sponsored by Heart FM. Flossy and Jim got through to the semi-finals from hundreds of applicants in Devon, but fell at the last hurdle despite all our ridiculous campaigning! Haha! At least we got our face on the side of a bus! ;) 

Last week we had a meeting with a kangaroo. (Yes...really.) He brought along his friends from Nick Jr too! We met a spaceman, a friendly worm, and an old lady mouse. It was a fab morning, and the amazing man who creates these puppets is going to help us with an exciting new project. *Stay tuned!*

The sun has been shining on us for the last couple of weeks, it has been absolutely beautiful! How is it October already!?

TV Show 'Geordie Shore' and MTV used our illustrations for a YUBL ad!

Our illustration of the week! Think we may have eaten too many sweets...

Many people have asked how Rambo is doing. Just to report he is doing very well and was very brave having his operation. He is now back to annoying Olive and being all wibble wobble. Excuse my trout pout....this was a snippet from our video streaming this week, where we were talking about trout pouts. Hopefully, we will be doing our friday live lunches again this week, if Facebook let's us.

The best news of the week was that we got through to the FINALS of the VENUS AWARDS!!! Say whaaaat!?! We are now in the top of hundreds of applicants for the Marketing AND the Customer Service Award. Can't believe how far our little business has come in just three years - we have to keep pinching ourselves. A massive thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for us - we really do appreciate your support - it really does mean the world. We are now invited to the 'Working Womens Oscar' night at Exeter University and we are beyond excited.We will let you know what happens, and will bring you all the gossip!

Holy Moley indeed!

All this campaigning and gobbing off on social media had it's payback - we almost reached a 100k people last week on Facebook alone! WHOAH. This blows our mind a little bit. Imagine that many people in a room. Scary.

It's not been all glam meetings with Kangaroos and awards this week though....we all caught a cold in our house, so we have all sounded about ninety years old. Plus Jim hurt his nail and it actually came off. Olive also needs her anal gland squeezing again. Apologies for the all the groo, but you know....keeping it real.

Big hugs to everyone - tell us what is going on with you in the comments below! (We do like to know what you are all up to!)

Ta ta for now! Xx