23 October 2016

Feeling Funky!

Hola, Bonjour, Aloha, Wassuuuuuup!

This week we have been extra busy in the studio, working on a top secret project in the USA, and also working on another project for Flossy and Jim, which we will tell you all about very soon. Part of this project involved a bit of a F & J rebrand with new designs! It's all feeling very fresh and funky in Flossy and Jim Land!

Keep an eye out for even more new designs coming soon...

New logo!

New characters!

Much cuteness!

Much tooth decay!

Much craziness!

Much cats!

This week we also got very excited to see Accessorize use our illustrations on a yubl ad! ACCESSORIZE! (Only like one of my favourite shops eveeeeeer!) Someone pinch us! *Swoon!*

The Friday Facebook 'Live Lunch' was as action packed as ever! Thank you so much to everyone who came along! We had over 250 people join us...I think that's the biggest picnic we ever had...even if it was virtual! Join us every Friday 13:00 - 14:00 and tell us what you are having for lunch!

This week we also did a talk at Coombeshead Academy! We talked to a great group of year 12 / 13, digital art students about life as an illustrator. They had actually done an art project about us, which was incredible...and surreal for us to see! The students came up with their own designs and we loved them. We especially liked Bens zombie unicorn collection - amazing! We will hopefully be taking some students for work experience soon and we can't wait! 

This week in stats: Illustrations completed: 36. Cups of tea drank: 71 (each) Times we moaned about our slow computer: 154 

Our week being vegetarians also failed: Steak pasty: 1 Bacon sarnie: 1 Ooops. (Easy stages.)

See you next week, same time! F & J Over and Out! Xx