29 October 2016

8 Facts About Narwhals That'll Make Your Hair Stand on End

1. They are actually real. (We thought they were like totally made up!)

2. Narwhals are 'unicorns of the sea' and they live in the Artic. They must be freeeezin'.

3. They only have two teeth. 

4. Only man narwhals have unicorn horns....if a lady narwhal grows one she is quite special. (Like when you get a shiny sticker.)

5. Narwhals can't drive, so drive through McDonalds are a no-no. Narwhals instead eat squid, fish and shrimp.

6. There are no narwhals in captivity. Some people caught some once and put them in a zoo. The narwhals didn't like this and they all died. 

7. Narwhals love Halloween and every year they dress up like ghosts and freak each other out.

8. Fact number 7. might not be true.

What IS true is that Flossy and Jim are giving away a special one off exclusive amazing Halloween Narwhal gift! To be in with the chance to win a one off design on a mug filled with scary sweets, comment below! Winner announced Halloween evening! Wooooooo!

Have a fab Halloweeeeeen! Xx