13 September 2016

The week the sun shone very brightly!

Hello! Fancy seeing you here?!

These last couple of weeks have been a bit cray-cray, and more than usual! Not sure why this is...maybe it's because it was the end of Summer and the sun was shining so hard...it just made lots of good things happen!

We had a photo-shoot for Devon Life magazine - which was really fun! We can't wait for you to see the article, it's really different to anything we have done before.

We took a couple of days off and hung out down the beach. This may not sound overly crazy - but I think this was the first time we set foot on the beach all year...which is just plain odd.

The reason...Jim's brother and beautiful family came to visit all the way from the USA! It was amazing! Here is Jim, his brother Andy and their mum Sylvia. I was trying to re-create a photo from the 70's with them all in but it didn't work - haha!


This week we were also awarded a 'golden paintbrush' on new messenger app YUBL! This is like a verified account for artists. YUBL was 'Hot App of the Week' in the app store this week! It certainly is HOT!

We featured on a 'Coast' article about Devon's hot-spots!

We made cups at Clothing your Ways networking night - which was a fab event!
Sam and Dale are doing extremely well and just won 'Best New Business' at the TorbayHour Awards! Check them out for high quality printed products! http://clothingyourway.co.uk/ 

We went to the Venus Awards...as we were nominated for an award. I wore my lucky F & J budgie necklace for luck.

I left my lucky monkey boots behind this time.

My necklace worked! I got through to the semi-finals! *Gasp!* I am through for THREE categories! Marketing, Customer Service AND Business Mother of the Year! 

Business Mothers of the Year! 

Girl Power! There was such a nice atmosphere in the room - all the girls supporting each other.

The semi-finalists! I had a dog sitting on my foot in this photo- it was really heavy but he was so cute I let him off - haha!

Top seller of the week! www.flossyandjimshop.com

...and finally we got our banner! This is all ready for the White Rock festival on Saturday and the BMB Business show the week after! Come along and say hello! 

*Phewph!* What have you guys been up to? Tell us what's going on in your world! Xx