18 September 2016

Follow the White Rabbit!

Bonjour mon petit pois! How's it going?

This week we went to the White Rock Festival of Learning in Paignton - which was a really fab day!

Here are some pictures that sum up it up!

Follow the white rabbit! 

This is Wacky Rabbit and he is our new best friend!

Ours stall - where we were doing lots of drawing, chatting, hanging out with new friends,
sticking googly eyes to things and eating lollies. It was a very fun tent!

Ted from Tedfest came to join the fun! 

We had scones 'Devon Styleeee' from Millie and Me! Nom!

Lots of incredibly talented children helped us to draw! Natalie aged 9 - had amazing cartoon talent and we have told her when she leaves school to come and work for us! She was fab!

It's that rabbit again....this time he was hanging out with Dale and Sam from Clothing your Way!

White Rock! White Rock! Party Time! Excellent!

Stall Selfie!

True that. White Rock Fest had a very good vibe - it was full of love and singing, balloons and bubbles!

The view from our stall! The White Rock Festival of learning, was a festival for children, and was an amazing event with lots of businesses coming together. There were artists, animals, children's yoga, dancing, live music, cakes, fish-dogs(!), a silent disco and so much more! It really was a fab day!

Jim and Ted hanging out in 'Betty', Teds vintage caravan.
It was full of merch from the 70's / 80's - it was amazing. We didn't want to leave!
The caravan...complete with Flossy and Jim 'Ted' posters! (See if you can spot them!)

This very odd photo is 'Fishstock' sock rabbit with new eyes (courtesy of us), sitting on the organiser of Fishstock (Jim Portus) shoe...which also had new googly eyes on it. 

The amazing Becky Bettesworth! We love her. She was signing prints and also judged the scarecrow competition!

Cartoons by Natalie, aged 9! NINE!!!

Fishstock Rabbit

It was also my brothers birthday and he sent me this photo on the same day....this was his birthday pressie from us. A white rabbit mask and a skeletor t.shirt with his year of birth on. Obvs.

So as you can see...the end of our week was very spookily 'white rabbity' - what does it all mean?! I hope we don't fall down any holes this week....or maybe we should!

If you could sum up your week in a theme - what would it be?

Chat soon and have a fab week you amazing peeps! F & J Over and Out! Xx