3 September 2016

An 'out of this world' type of week!

Whoah! This week has literally been 'out of this world' amazing!

We have had family over from the USA, bucket loads of sunshine AND an awards ceremony! Wow-wee!

In this blog we just HAVE to write about the 'TorbayHour Social Media Awards', as we promised everyone we would last night! The awards cover the Torbay area and all the businesses within it, and is hosted by TorbayHour, which promote businesses within the bay. It was an amazing night, with so many incredible businesses and talented people involved. 

We were lucky enough to be nominated for 'Best Business Blog', so we were very happy about this! I've been writing this blog for about five years now, and I often wonder if anyone is actually reading it. It seems that you are.......so.....thank you! I'll try and stop talking about unicorns so much, but I can't promise. ;)

This year, we actually sponsored the awards by designing all of the certificates! Last year we did the same, and we had an illustration on the certificate of the bay. This year we went with an 'out of this world' space theme, with each planet representing one of the most popular social media networks used today, alongside aliens, astronaut twitter birds and a business person shooting towards the stars in a space rocket. Of course!

Jim hard at work putting together the certificates.

We filled all the finalist envelopes with lots of stars to coincide with the space theme.

I wondered whether I should wear my monkey boots to the awards. I don't really do high heels and as we are cartoonists I thought it would be OK. I asked on Facebook if it would be suitable and lots of people said yes. I then realised they were all actually at the event already and I was running very late! We literally got ready in five minutes and dashed off. (I did go with the monkey boots.)

The tables were decorated so beautifully with blue feather centre pieces, and social media confetti made by the amazing designer Katie Skilton. 

A very exciting photo of our starter. *Behold the magical prawn cocktail!* It was lovely.

I forgot to photograph the dinner but it was chicken with pate wrapped in parma ham, but I did take a picture of pudding. Apricot roulade...nom. I forgot to take a photo of dinner, as my children decided they would video call me to see how things were going - haha! That was pretty cute.

"Hi Kids! Yes...the dinner is lovely....no we can't bring you home a potato....ok.....we'll try."

Our accountant started to get a bit drunk and we captured him doing a beautiful duck face.
We love our accountant - haha! www.accounting4everything.com

We caught up with some lovely people who we now consider friends whether they like it or not. This is Rochelle and Natasha who have a company called Next Route Finance. They rock very hard. They also look like the sisters from Frozen. Ha! http://www.nextroutefinance.co.uk/
Sam and Dale from 'Clothing your Way' were at the awards, as they were nominated for 'Best New Business' - and they WON! It was fab to see them so happy, and it was so well deserved. They run a business producing high quality printed clothing, accessories and promotional goods, and they are BRILL! We use them for our baby clothing, and they rock! Check them out on Facebook!

Then this happened! We won BEST BUSINESS BLOG! Wahoo! We knew we won a couple of days before as we designed the certificates, so it was a bit weird filling in our own! To the judges of the awards and to the people who nominated us - thank you! When we went up on stage, I didn't know what to say as my brain went a bit blank. Jim decided to take a panoramic photo of the crowd to put on our blog, but the photo failed miserably with all the blue lighting. We don't think we will ever win an award for photography!

One of the certificates we designed!

Dan Bull did amazing and was nominated for TWO awards!!! Check him out! Loving the beard Dan. https://danb84.wordpress.com/ 

A big bunch of winners. Wahey!

I was VERY excited to win.

Jim was a bit more dignified.

When we got home, we put on our jammies and had a celebratory cup of tea. 

Rambo (our chihuahua) did a poo on the floor. 

We fell back to earth. 

The end. Xx