28 August 2016


It's taken a while, but we have finally moved into our office and it finally feels like home in a 'worky' type of way! We were not allowed to paint unicorns or dinosaurs on the walls, as our office is in an old manor house, steeped in history. The manor house is beautiful and actually dates back to the Domesday times! We have improvised with wall tapestry's and pictures instead...it's all very zen-silly in our office right now. Maybe we could start a new trend...'The Zen Silly Look?!' Isn't that a chef?! Oh no...that's Aldo Zilly. I'll shut up. 

Would you like to look around our new studio? Well...put on your shoes and come on then! 

The massive corridor which leads to our studio cupboard (of happiness)



In times of creative block, let us pray to the giant elephant of drawing power. Ommmm.

Window of Happiness...and teapots.

Our new friend...this horse is called Steve...we think?
He is very lovely and walks past our window every half hour or so.

The Manor House has a cafe...which is dangerous, but good for important meetings...
...gingerbread men help you think better. (Obvs.)

Morning meetings in the beautiful grounds. We like our new office A LOT. Wonder what will happen in our new little cupboard of happiness? What new creatures and characters will we imagine up? We can't wait to find out!

In other news, we are off to the 'Torbay Hour Social Media Awards' this Friday, as this little blog of ours has been nominated for BEST BLOG! Wowsers! We will let you know how we get on next week....*send good vibes!* 

Anyway - enough us about us big heads. What have you been up to? Have you been enjoying the sunshine? Xx