13 August 2016

The week we melted like mozzarella cheese. Fo'Realz.

Wow-wee! What a scorcher of a week! We have been boiling in the bag in our studio whilst drawing a lot of vegetables and cheese, and making unicorn scarecrows. Another un-predictable week at the F & J studio! What will be asked to do next week we wonder?!

This week has been super sunny and everyone in our town has been at the beach and at Shoalstone outdoor pool to cool down. We were sent these photos of people with their F & J merchandise at the pool! *Remember every sale goes to help towards keeping the pool open!*

Looking very cool! Talking about mermaids...we have extended our own range, due to popular demand (thanks peeps!) and this will be launched next week. Shoalstone pool is also having a party to celebrate turning 90! NINETY!!!!

It's not all been sunshine and rainbows this week, as we suffered many technical issues. Our new studio does not yet have internet access and we don't have a phone line....boo! This is installed at the end of the month, so in the meantime please call us on our mobile: 07718087021, but even better contact us via email: flossyandjim@gmail.com and we will respond within 24 hours. (Phone signal is not strong here!) Many apologies if you have been trying to get hold of us! Got to love technology!

Please don't get eggy with us! Haha!

This week has officially gone 'fish crazy' - and our top sellers have been the #brill range! Fish are the new trend! Check it out: www.flossyandjimshop.com All our VIP blog readers are entitled to a VIP customer discount. Just quote: HAPPY10 at the checkout. 

We are currently updating our website to create 'clubs' - this way we hope you will find it easier to find what you are looking for! We literally work with people from age 0-100 - lucky us! 

This week has consisted of drawing A LOT of veg. We will explain more later...never have we been so excited about a carrot.

Last night we went 'shooting-star' spotting! Have you seen any? We had a late night picnic with the dogs and the kids, and laid on blankets eating sausages and crisps whilst watching the night sky. It was wonderful and we saw about ten really bright shooting stars in an hour! We were also attacked by low flying bats who I think might have wanted a sausage. 

To top the week off nicely, we were sent this adorable message by 'Just Jemima' the mobile party caravan. The kids were colouring in Flossy and Jim pictures. We think we just melted.

How was your week? Did you see any shooting stars? Get excited by carrots or jump on the #brill trend? Let us know! Catch ya laterz! F & J out! Xx