20 August 2016

Dodgy haircuts, Spice Girls and Sausages.

 This week was very hairy.

Olive had a hair cut. We did it ourselves with Jim's hair trimmers. She looked good, until we had to shave underneath her...then we got scared because you know....lady dog nipples. She is now short on top, but a bit hairy underneath. Like an upside down punk rocker.
Speaking of punk rockers...while we were shaving Olive, we got carried away and did Jim's hair too in punk rocker stylee.
In 'worky' news....Boomf launched our new range of Flossy and Jim marshmallows! We now have added unicorns, aliens, bats and geeks! Yaaaaas! 
YUBL announced they are launching the app in Europe! Whoop! The 'Flossy and Jim' sticker store is going to be available for lots more people to use! The picture above was used on a 'macworld' article for best messenger apps....using our illustrations. We like these people. 

This week has also been award craaaazy! We have been nominated for 'Best Business Blog' at the Torbay Hour Awards, and also we have got through to the semi-finals of the Venus Awards! I had to do a video for Heart FM for this award, which was not as easy it sounds...haha! Check out the video below!

Oh dear!

This week we also watched the 'Spice Girls Movie' - AMAZING.

We ate about three bags of jelly beans - EPIC.

The kids learnt how to cook sausages.

Hope your week has gone well and we will be back with more Flossy and Jim gossip next week! Xx