30 July 2016

The week the unicorns took over!

Aloha! How's things with you?

This week has gone by in a flash again! Our biggest news this week is that we have finally published our very own 'Flossy and Jim' children's book! The book 'The Rainbow of Happiness' is available from Amazon for Kindle, from Monday 1st August! As an introductory offer it only costs £1.52 - bargaaaain! This is the first book in a series of books, aimed at younger children (0-6). We are also developing an app and toys to go alongside it! More news on that coming soon!

Out Monday!

Our Dartmouth shop is now open Saturdays from next Saturday - where you can purchase our products and also order products with our personalised service! Oooh la la! Come in and see us!

The week got so unicorn-tastic Jim turned into one!
Even babies got involved in 'Unicorn-Mania!' We were sent this photo of baby 'Sophie' with her Swag unicorn vest on. Rockin' the swag look there Sophie!

In other non-unicorn news - dogs were being Flossy and Jimmed and put on towels! If you would like your pet, child, pot-plant...put on products - get in touch and we will make your wish come true! 

We did another talk this week at the Torbay Business Networking event. We love doing these talks as everyone says nice things to us and we get a big head. 

Shoalstone pool in Brixham has launched their Flossy and Jim Mermaid range! All products for sale at the lifeguard office daily and all proceeds go to the pool to help keep it open! Buy stuff - look cool - donate to a good cause! Winner!

We ended the week with the news we were nominated for a Venus Award! Say whaaaaaaat?! All the hard work is beginning to pay off. This time next year we will be millionaires! (Or maybe not in our overdraft anymore.) Ha!

Hope you guys all had a good week! What have you been up to in this lovely sunshine?! 

F & J over and out until next week. Roger that. Wilko. Adios. Ta-ta! Xx