12 July 2016

Photos beyond our wildest wedding dreams!

OK, so as you probably know we got married last month! (Yay!) We literally had the most low maintenance wedding in the whole land. Jim wore purple trousers from the M & S sale, and I actually forgot about my outfit and panic ordered three outfits from the 'very' catalogue the day before to choose from! The kids were free to wear whatever they wanted, and they chose to dress as a purple dragon and a fox...(but of course.) We literally only invited the kids and Jim's mum, as we wanted a very chilled out day and the main focus to be on our love and getting married. We had a fab surprise the night before when my brother gatecrashed the wedding dressed as a 10 foot dinosaur. Amazing! Our dinosaur & pug wedding cakes were from ASDA and we had a lovely lunch at the very kitsch 'Visto Lounge'. We spent the afternoon with the dogs and a walk down the beach! It was a perfect happy little wedding day. 
However, our wedding day was made even more amazing by a very special delivery of two photographers; 'Emma and Rich'. We cannot believe they drove all the way from Scarborough to Brixham, just to do our photos. We met Emma and Rich a couple of years ago when we did their company logo's...and they arthe most amazing people in the world! 
They describe themselves as: 'We are Emma + Rich. Creative and Fun Yorkshire Wedding Photographers. We stop time.  We tell your story through our eyes. Wife and Husband. Soulmates. Photographers and filmmakers. Adventure seekers. Cat and dog lovers. Gamers. Music geeks. Foodies. Comic book lovers. One of us smokes a pipe and the other is obsessed with The Goonies' The perfect photographers for Flossy and Jim, no?
This is Emma.
Here is her logo! (Note: The business is now rebranded as 'Emma and Rich')
This is Rich!
Rich without wig.
We are married! We love how Emma and Rich captured everyone in this photo and how much happiness they captured in just one click!
Amazing compositions on all of our photos. We were genuinely surprised at just how much atmosphere they captured in each shot. 
Some of the photos captured our sense of humour and personal things to us...like this seagull painting we painted together during the time we first got together.
Seriously!? Who else has wedding photo's like these!? We love how creative and crazy the day got!
Perfect wedding photos!

We can never thank Emma and Rich enough for their exceptional shooting skills! It is no surprise they were recently featured in Rock and Roll Bride magazine!

Emma and Rich photography....they don’t do boring, they do FUN...the perfect alternative wedding photographers! 

If you would like an alternative photoshoot, get in touch with them! You can find their website here: http://www.emmaandrich.co.uk/