16 July 2016

Have a face full of Rainbows. *Kapow!*

Wahoo! Our new range of products landed this week! We were super excited to see our designs on bags, cushions, cups and brushes! It has been a dream of mine since I was about six to have my own range of products. I used to design my own bookmarks at school, and sell them in the playground! I used to draw Garfield on strips of paper, laminate them with sellotape and sell them for 20p - haha! So, I've been a very happy bunny this week!

We have been running around and stocking up shops all the over the place! If you can't get to a shop - you can order online at our Flossy and Jim shop! www.flossyandjimshop.com We have designed the range to be mega bright, colourful and fun...as you can see!

Now that's our hard sell out of the way....how are you? How was your week?

Have you been caught up in the 'Pokemon Go' hype? We have to admit to running down the road chasing a 'squirtle'... it's amazing! Check out who else we found on our travels.... ;) Maybe a 'Flossy and Jim Go' app should be made! 

Our exciting news of the week is that we are launching our new range of children's books! The first book is all about colours, and will be available to order from Amazon on the 1st August. More on that next week!

We can't not mention marshmallows! Flossy and Jim super crazy bright marshmallows now available at Boomf! We tried our first marshmallows this week, and they were really reaaaally tasty. We have been quite quiet this week with our faces full of Boomf. Have you ever ordered from Boomf? What did you think?

This week we also attended the Torbay Culture Forum, alongside some amazing businesses including the Arts Council, Torbay Development Agency, South Devon College, Cockington Court and Silicon Beach. We did a talk about our business journey...from drawing at the kitchen table to drawing in Hollywood. We had a really great response from everyone, it was lovely. We all discussed how Torbay could reach full potential in the creative and digital industries and it was really interesting to hear everyones ideas....stay tuned! We have really good vibes for Torbay. 

At the end of the event, we got to take loads of buffet home...(the organisers didn't want to throw away the left-overs, so we were heroes of the hour.) We have mainly been eating crisps, sandwiches and danish pastries for tea this week. Rock and Roll!

This week we are doing a talk at the South West Energy Centre (Tuesday 19th @ 17:00) - all about 'Brand Basics' and how we ensure we stand out from the crowd! register here if you would like to come to this free event - would be fab to see you! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/communication-for-business-event-brand-basics-tickets-25815323327