24 July 2016

Much Wibble!

Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Aloha, Whatchaaaa!

How are you? How was your week? Hope it was a sunny one! It has been a lovely sunny week here in Devon, and the sea looks beautiful and sparkly. 

We have spent most of the week however, in our 'Cupboard of Happiness' - packing products for shops and illustrating a children's book! 

Random cartoon of the week!

A cartoon idea by Kaitlin for our magic unicorn book! Available on Amazon 1st August 2016! Eeeep!

This week we have been spending more time with 'Look Create Studio' designing unicorn toys. look3dstudio.co.uk

This is 'Marina' the crazy unicorn. (She is meant to look this insane.)

We got the best news ever this week and found out that we can finally move to Cockington! Whoop! Our new office will now be based in the house. Our Dartmouth office will now become a shop! Hurrah!

We are here.
We already have plans to turn the Cockington horses into unicorns at least one day a week! Haha!

This week 'Twit Twoo' opened in Brixham! Opened by Mark and Jo, who own the West Country Deli!

They decided to also open a gift shop and asked us to do the branding! We will be doing another post about this soon! Sooo many beautiful products! Such a brilliant shop.

We ended the week with a jellyfish invasion. Brixham is literally surrounded by jellyfish. Big ones, littles ones, some as big as your head.

What was the highlight of your week? Xx