3 July 2016

A colourful, magical and squidgy type of week.

This week was very colourful, designing personalised dog blankets, creating fun portraits and developing some new characters!

This week was also very magical and squidgy, as we secured a contract with Boomf marshmallows!!! Could we beeeee any more excited!?!

Signing the Boomf contract
Boomf marshmallows...(not our designs). *Flossy and Jim marshmallows coming soon!*
This week we were very happy to make other people happy! 

Fly Yeti Fly - amazing band!!!

I made my dad happy (I think) by sabotaging his holiday photos.

We made Ted from 'Tedfest' happy with his festival character!

How was your week you lovely people? Hope it was a happy one! Xx