25 June 2016

Vote love and eat cake.

This post has no theme. Just random news from the week!

This is a photo of some cakes we received as a business birthday present! How amazing! Thank you to our lovely admin lady Ally for this thoughtful and very yummy gift - unicorns AND cake AND glitter. We almost exploded with excitement!

We finally got around to entering the #artvsartist project - check it out, there are loads of amazing illustrators on there!

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Our 'happy star' illustration was spotted falling onto Cheryl Fernandez Ferwassit's head this week. We have made it people! Thanks Heat Magazine for using our illustrations!

Ooooer.... we are being brave and saying the words 'EU Referendum' - did you vote? We did and we were shocked at the result like a lot of people were. We just hope going forward people treat each other with respect and we can move forward making positive changes. Interesting times.

Do you need a photographer? Someone who can capture your quirks and personality? Check out: www.emmaandrich.co.uk They did our wedding photography and we have genuinely been blown away with the outcome!

Our random product pick of the week! 'Mermaid for Life' phone cover! Available at: https://society6.com/flossyandjimshop

Oooh hello! Who are you? This week we have been working on some fun character development! 

To top the week off we were nominated for a Venus Award! How lucky are we?! 

What have you been up to this week? What was your highlight of your week? F & J out. Xx