15 May 2016

The week I pulled a HULK face.

Whatchaaaa! How's it going you gorgeous human bean? Want to hear about our week...here you go then... (hold on tight!)

This week was crazy busy at F & J's...at one point we could not see our desk...or the carpet surrounding us...look at how serious my face is. This is my slightly panicked / serious / hard working face. Don't panic, I'm not angry...or about to turn into the Hulk.

This week we welcomed some amazing news! The YUBL app we were working on (we provided illustrations for the sticker store) reached NUMBER 4 in the app store! NUMBER FRIGGIN' FOUR!!! The YUBL app has now overtaken Skype, Pinterest and LinkedIn in the UK App Store rankings! If you have not downloaded it yet, we highly recommend you do - it's the creative future of messenging. All the cool dudes are at it. 

Speaking about YUBL, we spotted Victoria Beckham wearing one of our F & J hats this week. Well, she is a leading pioneer of fashion....she has good taste obviously!

The postman hates us this week, as he has been delivering heavy parcels to our studio of felt tips, felt tips and more felt tips. Also we upset him some more by ordering long rolls of paper...all ready for the Brixfest weekend! Sunday 29th May - we will be at Breakwater Beach in our yellow happy tent, holding a 'Draw with Flossy and Jim' day - we are super mega excited and can't wait! There is a dragon boat race on the beach that day too so maybe we will have to draw some unicorns in dragon boats!

This week has been cushion craaaazy! We have shipped new products out to our local retailers this week which was super exciting. Although, I got a bit attached to this cushion...I might have to get myself one...for 'testing' purposes. If you would like to purchase any F & J products you can do so here: http://www.wearethemutiny.com/collections/flossy-and-jim

We drew a mermaid motif for the 90th anniversary of the Shoalstone outdoor swimming pool...

...I got some rice paper stuck to my tongue, whilst researching for some new F & J cake toppers....

...we had fun drawing Ted from 'Tedfest'....

...(this is him in real life)...

...and the rest of the week was spent drawing lots and lots of lots of pixies, for a top secret pixie childrens book! 

*Phewph!* So that's enough about our week! What have you lovely lot been up to? (Let us know in the comments below!) Xx