29 May 2016

Rainbow drops and sausage rocks!

Hey gang! How's things? We hope you are having a fab bank holiday, with lots of sunshine and chilling!

In Brixham, we are celebrating the muchas anticipated yearly 'Brixfest' event, and yet again it has been outstanding! The award winning event has seen the town buzzing with fun and excitement: live music, good food, the most amazing musical firework event and dragon boat racing! To top it off, our 'pet' seagull (we adopted), hatched her chicks last night - they are so cute and fluffy! *Gah!* Too.much.cute.

Anyway, back to Brixfest, and we spent our bank holiday Sunday sat on the sunny beach in a yellow happy gazebo, holding a 'Flossy and Jim Drawing Day'...

...and here is the happy yellow tent!

We helped a lovely lady 'test' her massage seat on the beach, and to thank us, the lady gave me the most amazing massage! Haha! I'm rubbish at massages and proceeded to chat all the way through...she told me to take three deep breaths and relax. I'm sure she was thinking 'shudduuuup.' ;)

The day started off bright and early, and the beach was calm and quiet. We started limbering up with the drawing...starting with some beach pebbles.

Jim missed the pebble and drew all over his arms. Silly Jim.

The beach soon got extremely busy and we had lots of people joining in, drawing on pebbles, scallop shells and even...paper. 

Mr and Mrs Scallop.

Jim drew a purrfect pink cat. Ahhh.

Can you feeeeeel the creativity!? It was very exciting! So much imagination and creativity being celebrated today!

Drawing jelly fish, lobsters, the sea and more! We had to eat rainbow drops to keep our creative powers flowing. Apparently "pink rainbow drops make you work the most hardestestest..." Obvs.

One of our fave kid pebbles of the day - a sausage rock. Hahaha! Love it!

Our fave adult rock!

All the rocks were are favourite really - this was just a small section, we nearly covered the whole beach! (Almost...but not really.)

Rock on!

Oh yeah, and we found a giant rabbit on the beach too. Of course.

If this wasn't exciting enough, we then had to pack up our trunk and head goodbye to the circus! At 'Flossy and Jim' - we sponsor 'Circus Starr', a charity that provides a 'Circus with a purpose' for children with special needs. They invited us along to a show to gather inspiration for a project we are working on. We will give you all the gossip as soon as we are allowed. It was a fab time, and it was lovely to see the kids having such a fab time.


Now we are at home with a cup of tea, feet up, dogs on our laps watching 'Embarrassing Bodies.' Haha! Keeping it real people, keeping it real! We hope you have a fab bank holiday! We have to go now... we have a frickin' wedding to get ready for! Ours! *Squeeeeaaaaaaal!* We will of course let you know how that goes next week! F & J Over and Out! Xx