1 May 2016

Me and Mine - April!

April has been and gone in a flash! This month has been incredibly busy at Flossy and Jim's...we have been busy preparing for the 3rd May #letthekidsbekids campaign, in support of teachers and children against the SATs tests, by arranging a celebration of childrens creativity event...we are even going to be interviewed live on the day by BBC lunchtime news - eep! 

This was us on the way to a meeting last week! 

We have also had lots of changes happening, new employees, meetings in London, crowdfunding, new commissions...we have even started doing 'talks' at universities and at business events.....say whaaaat!? 

This is my shocked / overwhelmed face most of the time at the moment.

This was also the month we welcomed our new family member....everyone meet 'Rambo' our puppy chihuahua!

Olive is so happy to have a furry friend and is even sharing her squeaky pig toy with him! *Shock!*

We finished the month with a trip to Brighton to see my brother. He finally raised enough money for his surgery and the lumpy leotard 
has finally gone! http://flossyandjim.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/my-brother-wears-leotard.html Yay! I'm so relieved, proud and happy for him. His beaming smile says it all.

Today also marks one whole month till we get married. This time next month our 'Me and Mine' will be a married one! Wahoo!

We hope you had a good April! What did you get up to? Let us know below! (We are well nosey.) Xx