18 April 2016

Join us for a walk won't you?!

We went for a walk this morning on the way to work because it was sunny and we felt like doing some Flossy and Jim rubbish yoga in a field. This was also part inspired by looking at instagram in bed and seeing my friend in a field. Thanks Michelle. 

Would you like to come for a walk with us? On your computer? You could burn about twenty calories. Maybe twenty five if you leave a comment.

Off we go yo!

It's the law to stop and pose for shadow photos on this walk.

Oh look - a field! We like the broken gate and the rust.

In the middle of nowhere we found a red tiny jelly baby sunbathing. We considered joining him but you know...work.

Jim found a worm nearly dead and rescued it by putting it in a puddle and then in a hedge.

In total we rescue three worms on this walk. 

"NO JIM! That's NOT a worm!"

We carry on our walk to see the 'Spaceship', otherwise known as the 'Daymark'.

Isn't it weird but amazing?!

The mothership called us home, and we did a live facebook stream from the middle of the spaceship - you can see it on our page: https://www.facebook.com/flossyandjimdesigns/

So that was our walk. Thanks for coming with us...it was lovely to have you along! Xx