22 April 2016

Flossy and Jim: Pursuit for Happiness


At 'Flossy and Jim', our mission is 'to make the world a sunnier and happier place!'

There is way too much doom and gloom in this world for our liking and it sucks. If we hear about another celebrity death, natural disaster or dodgy politician, we may actually implode into tiny pieces.

We have banned the news in our house, and instead we like to focus on happiness, and what we can control to make life a happy time! Don't get us wrong, we don't live in a bubble of denial - we would just rather choose to be happy than focus on the bad stuff.

Here are some of the things we do as a family to keep the happy vibe in full swing...

If we ever feel grumpy or sad, we take our pencil case to the woods or to the beach, and draw faces on rocks! The happy faces you draw will make you feel happy! If you leave them there for people to find, you will be spreading the happy vibes!

Have an ice-cream and pretend you are a bird of paradise with the cone.

Why not have a go at balancing the moon on your nose? Make sure you take a friend so they can take a photo!

Eat some crap in the park. Not literally crap...that would be disgusting and bad for you.

Put on your fanciest shoes. Even if you are only going to the shops or to the dentist.

Tell your friend a joke.

Put some googly eyes in funny places.

Bake a cake! This cake was made out of potato! (It was disgusting.)
Do you have any more top tips for happiness? Xx