16 April 2016

Cheese, Snogs and Chihuahuas!

Buenos Dias Amigos! Hows it going? 

Here is our week in pictures...

We finished the artwork for Holly Morwenna's CD cover - whoop!

We went to see a new shop open in Newton Abbot called 'Roar Retro' - we rebranded
 the business and it was so exciting to see our signage on a busy high street!

We drew that!

We are now also selling our cards at 'Roar Retro' - the shop sells retro, kitsch
amazing products - we literally could have bought everything in the shop!

This week we also went to South Devon College to do a talk about being illustrators. We actually met at college, so while we were there we took a trip down memory lane and went to visit 'Room 5'. If we touched noses in class, this meant we had to go and meet here for a secret snog. It was all very 'Carry on College!'

This week we ate a lot of cheese...

...and took Olive for some nice seaside walks.

This was also the week our illustrations ended up on a tie...on a dog. Obvs!

Talking of dogs....this was also the week we found these little guys....more on this next week!

Hope you have all had a good week! What have you been doing?! Flossy and Jim over and out! Xx