5 March 2016

Rollercoasters and a Mutiny!

Howdy paaardners! 

How's things? What have you been doing? 

If you follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/flossyandjimdesigns/, you may have noticed that we have been putting our hand to a lot more 'vlogging' lately. We are really loving it because it's quicker than writing a blog post, fun to do, and it's makes our facebook reach go through the roof! (Which is always good because it makes our business stats look good.) 

However, we will still be keeping up with this blog, because it is quite possibly a bit easier for you to understand, (we get a bit over-excited sometimes), and we can explain new things and things we often forget about!

If you watch our vlog, you will be treated to an array of facial expressions. This was facial expression number 56 / 872 - the 'smug' face.

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster. We have had massive highs and extreme lows! We have had a few issues to overcome at home, and a few hospital visits with my son, but thankfully we are out the other side, and we finally have a diagnosis. I won't say too much on here for his privacy, but let's just say from a mum's point of view - it's been a tough week, for us and especially for him. We are so proud of him though, and he is doing really well. 

The massive 'highs' of the week included, releasing one of our long awaited secret projects, that we have been working alongside major brands, to launch YUBL the new and amazing app, which was also awarded 'BT number one app of the week!' 

If that wasn't enough, we were then told we have also been nominated for TWO more awards! TWO!!! We have been nominated for the 'Herald Express Excellence Awards' for 'Excellence in Customer Service', and the 'Business Growth Award'. We are soooo happy to have been nominated, and to be honest, it hasn't really sunk in yet! 

We have also been working on a new secret 'global' project, which could see our unicorns become famous worldwide! We hope we can tell you more very soon!

This was us last year winning the 'Best New Business' award, which I dedicated to my amazing Granddad.

At home, Jim has been on a crazy baking mission this week....he bangs about in the kitchen for a few minutes, then the next thing I know...

Vegetable tarts, with rosemary, basil and pine nuts. Soooo yum!!!

This week, we also watched a programme about the 'History of Knitting', and it was fascinating. I would totally love a knitted poodle bottle cover! Haha! I'm on a mission to find one now...or maybe I should stop being lazy and actually refresh my knitting skillz yo.

 The tattoo's are healing well...need to think of a name for my friend though. Any ideas anyone? I am finding myself talking to him sometimes... 

At work this week, we also launched our brand new range of merchandise. We have found a new supplier at 'The Mutiny', and they are just absolutely amazeballs - we love them. I have literally searched the globe for a good supplier, and then I found a man who literally lives down the road - haha! How typical. He is amazing and we are feeling like we found our pot of gold...in terms of merch! We have put the products on our website, www.flossyandjim.com but you can also buy directly from The Mutiny http://www.wearethemutiny.com/collections/flossy-and-jim. New products are in the pipeline, and we are sooooo excited to be able to launch them. The Mutiny are amazing, and have some really exciting and innovative ideas. We will obviously keep you updated! 

*Coming soon!*

Obviously, it goes without saying, we also drank mucho coffee this week at 'Port Espresso', Brixham. I'm sure this is how we keep going sometimes! Thanks Dan! ;)

Got to go now...I'm writing the kids a 'Mothers Day wish-list' - of things I need for Mothers Day, tomorrow. This list will include chocolate, cups of tea and lots of cuddles. (I'm hoping they take the blatant hint.) I'll let you know how they get on. ;) Have a good week everyone! Xx