20 March 2016

*** The Excellence Awards 2016 ***

Aloha! How are you today? Today is 'International Day of Happiness', AND the first day of Spring, so we are celebrating by chilling in our jim-jams, with the fire on...and writing our blog! Hooray! Hope you are having a very happy day too!

This week we attended the 'South Devon Excellence Awards!' We went along with some amazing Brixham businesses who had also been nominated, including 'Torbay Hour', 'Brixham Cottages', 'Brixfest', and our lovely friend Harry who was nominated for 'Young Entrepreneur' of the year! It was a lovely feeling to be part of 'Team Brixham'.

'Flossy and Jim' were nominated for 'Excellence in Customer Service', and the 'Business Growth' award. We didn't win either award, but to come runners up in such stiff competition was pretty humbling, plus we got a nice dinner and a night out, so we can't complain. ;) Brixfest, however, DID WIN! Hooray! We were so happy for them, and we were all very excited.

After throwing over our table in a rage, (all the lolz) we learnt to channel our 'DiCaprio' as recommended by Martin from 'TorbayHour'. 

This was table 12 (our table), which was very posh. There is my orange juice! *Rock and Roll!*

Me trying to look normal. I always pull a stupid face when a camera comes out.

James being very posh in his suit - what what!

Our starter - very yummy!

The pudding was amazing - chocolate and ginger tart with honeycomb. Yummers.

Judi Spiers presented the awards, and Jim was very starstruck. We are thinking about having our own 'Flossy and Jim' puppet friend now. What would it be? Any ideas?

If you click on this link, you can see Judi talk about us and our business growth! How very random. https://www.facebook.com/JSTwigger/videos/10100838895585557/

So, back to reality now, and we better feed the dog, who is looking at us strangely...