28 February 2016

* YUBL! *

This little studio cupboard of ours in Dartmouth, is holding many secrets. Some of these secrets are mahoosive, some are medium and some are small sized. All the secrets held in the cupboard are good secrets, and sometimes we are allowed to share our secrets! This week we were finally able to tell everyone about one of our mahoosive sized secrets! 

Cupboard of secrets.

To explain more, here is an article from 'Stuff' magazine....

"Clear your home screen, and empty your app drawer - there's a new messenger app that has the potential to replace WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat in one swoop.
It's called Yubl (rhymes with bubble), and by the time you read this it should have just launched on the iOS and Google Play stores.
The colourful app combines one-to-one and group text chats à la WhatsApp, with square canvases you can fill with pictures or videos, just like Instagram - all split between private and public channels. 
You'll be able to message friends directly and set up group chats in the Private channel, or post in the Public channel for everyone that follows you.
The Explore channel will be filled with businesses, brands and fashion icons, with big names like Red Bull, Starbucks UK, ASOS and Accessorize confirmed for launch." (Stuff)
Another big name confirmed for launch, is the 'Flossy and Jim' brand (!) which will also be listed alongside these mega businesses, which we think is very surreal, but also totes amazeballs! The reason for this is our contribution to the app. We were commissioned by YUBL to provide an 'illustrated sticker store' for people to use, and our brief for launch was 'celebration!'. It didn't take much to get us in the celebration mood we can tell you! 

We have had a play on the new app, and we love it, (and not just because we are on it.) Check it out! It's free to use and the future of instant messaging. Our sticker store is labelled with our 'smiley shooting star' icon. Our stickers look nothing like these...

Imagine our surprise when we found these 'YUBL' socks with our illustrations on!

We have been sent a few YUBL's ... and it has been very exciting! Unlike other messenger apps, the stickers move and make sounds too! Here is our friend Jo's YUBL, complete with F & J stickers.


Here are just some of the stickers you can use!

Our beer glasses even *clink!*

Why not give YUBL a go? We heard today that is has just been announced as BT's number one app of the week! *WAHOO!* See - it really is as good as we say!!! Let us know what you think! We look forward to seeing all of your YUBLs! 

Next mahoosive secret due to be announced in June! Wahoo!!! Xx