21 February 2016

What a magical week!

Hola Amigos! 

How are you? How was your week? Our week looked a bit like this...

Valentines breakfast at 'Port Espresso' - we had toast with marmalade, and it was all very 'Paddington Bear' and yum.

The 'Bearded Baker' sweeping, at 'Port Espresso'.

The budgie made a new girlfriend. (He literally will not get off her.)

One day, we woke up and it was actually sunny. Olive got a bit excited.

Just checking that is actual real sunshine?!

We got our 'swag' on again, and have been working hard developing a whole new line of products! *Available very soon!*

Our 'swag' cushion at 'Port Espresso'....

...there it is again!

Oh! A swag picture too, with a very clever frame!

Other products available soon... this mug...

...and these mugs (told you we had been busy!)

In between working at F & J's we also did a OXO stockpot review for BzzAgent. It was good! #GotItFree

We ended the week with a veeeeeery long walk. We actually wore Olive out, and we had to carry her home. Look at that grumpy face - haha!

Whilst on the walk, we saw actual real dolphins! Those of you who read our blog, will know we have been trying to spot dolphins for years....this week we ACTUALLY saw not one, but about five! Then a whole circle rainbow appeared circling all around us. What a magical week! (This is not our dolphin photo...our photo is a tiny black dot.)

What did you do this week!? Tell us the highlight of your week! Xx