16 February 2016

The week we became millionaires and got all swag.

Bonjour our little petit pois! How was your week?

Our week looked a bit like this...

We met a pug called 'Bravo', who was amazing.

I spent the week trying to convince Jim we needed a pug

I gave up...and drew this unicorn instead. If you save this image, you can use it as your facebook cover photo if you like! #beswag

The budgie tried to fly and failed on numerous occasions...instead falling from his bookcase apartment block, and landing on the sofa. (He spent most of the week chilling here.)

Dog and Bird = BFF

We became millionaires! Or we messed up our accounts. (You can probably guess what happened.)

We worked hard developing new products. We found a new amazing supplier, and we are so very very very excited!
We will tell you more very soon.

This blog contains so much #swag

We also worked hard on developing our new app. This is 'Flossy and Jim' from app-land. We will greet you when you enter the app, and we will help you through the process. We can't wait!!!

We ended the week with Valentines orders! This one was done for our amazing tattooist, and was commissioned by his amazing wife. Aww....top wife brownie points Zoe!

Oh...and we also ate our body weight in pancakes. You can hear all about this here: https://www.facebook.com/flossyandjimdesigns/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Hope you guys are all good! How did your Pancake / Valentines days go!? Tell us in the comments below - we are nosey. 

Love you! F & J over and out. Xx