7 February 2016

The week a lot happened.

 Another week has flown by! In-between hiding from the storms, we got quite a lot done!

We rebranded our new banana car!

Flossy and Jim are back on the road!

Jim's mum even gave us a hand! 

We love our happy new car!

#giveusawave #wewillgiveyouahonk
Jim over dunked a biscuit and had a sloppy biscuit disaster at the accountants. We had a meeting with our accountant and our growth accelerator this week to discuss expanding our business and hiring staff! Eeep! Scary but exciting times. We told our accountant we also want a 'European Head Office' in Spain, (which we can work from in the school holidays). She thought this was a good idea, and is on board! (Maybe she wants to come on holiday with us.)

® ® ® ® ® This week, after a long wait, we finally got our trademark certificate! This was a really amazing feeling! As you can see, the team at F & J HQ, were very excited. ® ® ® ® ®

In pet news...Olive says she was very cold this week. She spent most of the week under a blanket, wearing jumpers, and sitting by the fire. She also got a new bone this week, so she was very happy.

Our budgie moved house, and now resides in 'Feather Towers' in the bookcase. He loves it and has been cheeping his head off. I would be happy too if I had a two story apartment block all to myself, with garden furniture, umbrella, swings, mirrors and as many treats as I could find! He also has his very own budgie bath out on the balcony.

Feather Towers.

This has also been the week of PIE. Jim has been on a bit of a pie mission, and has made a different pie everyday. 

This pie was a very lovely cherry one. Ahhh. 

If we were not pied out enough, we then got a sweet delivery! Did you know you can get sweets delivered these days?! We have been meeting with sweetie people this week, discussing a new Flossy and Jim product... *hardlife*

To top the week off nicely, we had a nice family discussion about piercings. We concluded the discussion that when you are 10 or 12 you don't really want a septum ring do you? Maybe when you are 18. However, you can HAVE one made out of tin foil. Parenting win.

What have you guys been up to this week? Did you get caught up in storm Humplebert or whoever it was this time?! Xx