1 February 2016

The Coffee Saviour Returns!

If you live in Torbay and love coffee, you have to visit 'Port Espresso' in Brixham. 
Actually, even if you don't live in the area, get here and have a coffee anyway - haha! 

'Port Espresso' opened in Brixham today and is absolutely amazing. It is run by our good friend Dan aka 'The Bearded Baker', and was opened by Karen of 'Doris' amazeballness. http://www.dorisbrixham.co.uk/ We are very lucky as we timed ourselves from leaving our house to get there and it took just eighteen seconds. If we rolled down the hill on roller skates, we reckon we could make it in five. (We will let you know.)

Anyway, 'Port Amazing' is so cool. Don't take our word for it...check out these photos....

How fabulous are these floor tiles!? 

If we had taste-a-vision, we would totally buy you a coffee and let you try some through the wifi-ness - mmm, mmm, mmmmmmmm!!! (...and before you say it, no we are not biased, and no, we are not exaggerating.) It really is all worth all the 'mmms.'

Chewbacca read our coffee 'leaves' and it said we have to come back to Port Espresso a lot. OK then. *Sigh*

The coffee saviour returns! YIPPEE! WAHOO! YEEHAAA! (Think we may have had coffee overload today.)