17 January 2016

David Bowie on a dinosaur eating chocolate eggs...

This blog post may be slightly misleading. David Bowie is not really on a dinosaur eating chocolate eggs...but it kind of sums up our week.

This week we have mainly been...

1. Mourning David Bowie. *Sob!* This week has involved listening to Bowie all week whilst at work, singing Bowie all week, and then crying quietly into a cupboard door so no-one knows you are crying about Bowie. We also spent the week drawing Bowie. We had sketches in our collection, so brought them to life. I really truly think Bowie is amazing. He was my first ever man crush. (This is Flossy writing this by the way...but I'm sure Jim would agree.) I once got told off by the police for stalking his house...(I admit I did stand there for quite a while...about six hours...but I was really hoping to catch him on his way back from Tesco or wherever he shops.)


Our Bowie tribute cartoon

Our David Bow-wow-ie cartoon.

2. However, this week we were also massively cheered up by rebranding the 'Rechic Vintage' business to 'Roar Retro'. This business is 'homeware with the volume turned up', selling interior pieces from the late 1950's to the early 1980's. We LOVE 'Roar Retro' - we could literally buy the whole shop! You can see the products for sale here: https://www.facebook.com/rechicvintage/?fref=photo

Our new logo designed for 'Roar Retro'. The brief was to provide something fun, in our style, and with something roaring! We thought dinosaurs are as retro as you can get, and they also have a pretty big roar! He is facing to the left to represent looking back into time. He looks a bit 'cray-cray' as he is roaring THAT loud. Ha! The owner of the business has named him 'Rory' (pronounced Roar-y)

LOVE these 'Roar Retro' plates. OMG.

3. Watching our first 'Flossy and Jim Phonics' cartoon! We have been working with 'Which Phonics' for the last year or so, and have drawn over 3000 illustrations in total! *Phew!* This week we got to see the first phonics cartoon! We love that our drawings are helping children learn to read and write, and we really LOVE the narration - Arrrr!

4. Away from the studio, we went on a little trip to Cornwall to work on another 'secret project'.....oooh....we will tell you as soon as we can! 

Please note: Jim 'Del Boy' Dare is not sleep walking. Just sunbathing whilst standing up, in a big sheepskin coat.

5. Weekly stats... Coffee drunk - 112 cups (between us) / Amount of times the budgie dived out of his cage onto the floor - 11 / 'Bowie cried' into a cupboard - 4 / Cadburys creme eggs eaten - 3.5

We hope your week was a good one! What have you lot been up to?! Tell us...we are well nosey! Xx