25 January 2016

Birthday Cake and Stickmen!

This was the week where our social media was crammed full of 'Bill, Gill, Ruth.... and other annoying stickmen' *Gnnn!*

Is it just us or are they getting REALLY ANNOYING! Especially now you can make your own 'story' - Jeez. People give it a rest! We do have to admit to jumping on the bandwagon slightly, but this was more of a request for people to stop.

Anyway, enough of our rant. This week was actually very happy and fab for us! It was 'Flossys' birthday so the week consisted of mucho cake eating, beach walks and a rather random tattoo!

Road trip! (Mega excited to have a car again!) 

Beach walks! (Birthday tradition)

Sticky toffee pudding...*dribble*

Olive waiting for her chips at the beach.

Happy birthday flowers!
A grown up birthday tattoo for a very grown up person.

When we had finished partying hard drinking cups of tea to celebrate, we then had Jim's mums birthday to celebrate too! It's a hard life. We went bowling and ate more cake. Yippee! Xx