28 December 2015

Year of the Monkey (...Boots)

Anyone else sick of quality street and twiglets yet?! No, us neither...haha! 

We hope you have had a fab Christmas, and we now have the 'New Year' to look forward to! We wonder what 2016 will bring for us all?

We have found ourselves thinking about next year a lot, and we have started to make some very exciting plans. It seems to be this time of year, that you look back and reminisce about what you have done. We thought we would do a yearly round-up, it was really fun, and amazing to look back on.

Maybe you could do the same? Let us know your highlights of the year!

This was how we started our year in January 2015!

Early 2015 began in tragedy as our budgie 'Pearl' flew away. She was found a couple of months later on Paignton beach, four miles away from home! A lovely couple looked after her, and then we got her back! AN ACTUAL MIRACLE!

Flossy cut off all her hair, and Jim chopped off his man bun. We were scared we would lose our powers, but we didn't. *Phew!*

Flossy met some politicians and chatted about start up businesses. Oooh.

We rebranded the studio!

Jim officially joined the team and started working full time at Flossy and Jim HQ!

Then we only went and won a flippin' award! BEST NEW BUSINESS 2015...*takes a bow*

Flossy celebrated by buying monkey boots. (Obvs)

Our 'Flossy and Jim' product range sold worldwide! We then extended our line to include grown up stuff like scarves as well as stuff for children! Yippee!

A lovely lady sent us a unicorn draft excluder! (This may actually be the highlight of the year.)

We worked very very hard. On several occasions we worked through the night to get jobs done. We found that if you drink a lot of coffee, play music and eat pizza - you will pull through these times (even if you do look a bit cray-cray and your eyes start twitching.) 

We tried and failed all year to win a small business sunday award from Theo Paphitis. Maybe we offended him with his self portrait?! Either way, we will keep trying! Even if it just to brighten up his twitter page! ;)

We became a private limited company, and we registered our trademark, so people can't copy our work. Businesses are now unable to use our designs to make pyjamas for celebrity folk. (This actually happened!) Gasp! 

We got a bespoke 'Flossy and Jim' teapot!

We were interviewed for newspapers and magazines (I think because we won that award). We are due to appear in 'Devon Life' and 'Coast' in January! Whoop! We also featured in a sunday supplement which was quite surreal and totally RAD!!!

We designed certificates for the 'Torbay Social Media Awards' ...

...and we hosted our own radio show!

Who can forget the 'TURNIP AWARDS?!'

We officially became international with commissions in Australia, USA and Spain. 
Olive said her highlight of the year was when she ate a whole ice-cream. The low point was getting her anal gland squeezed at the vets.
On a personal note, we got engaged with bespoke rings! What a way to the end the year!

We have soooooo much to look forward to in 2016. 'Flossy and Jim' is about to embark on a whole new adventure, and we can't wait to tell you all about it!

We hope you have had a good 2015, and we send you all the *good vibes* for an amazing 2016! Have a cracking NYE everyone! Cheeeeeers! F & J Xx