7 December 2015

Our Engagement Story! (May contain Blingaling)

Hello lovely people! How are you? Hope you are good.

Apologies for lack of posting lately, we have been in the zone of drawing, drawing, and guess what...a bit more drawing - haha! To say things have been quite hectic would be a bit of an understatement, but it's all good!

Anyway, we thought we would tell you all about our engagement, as we have not really had a chance to tell you yet!

We are not particularly traditional people that do things by the book, so our engagement wasn't any different! We both discussed getting married in the past, and decided it would be something we wanted to do. 

As luck would have it, an amazing jeweller moved into the unit next to ours where our design studio is in Dartmouth...coincidence or fate?! We asked her if she would design us some unique engagement rings, and she couldn't have been more helpful and lovely in helping us with our designs. 

We started the process by sketching some ideas with her. I went for a classic style small diamond. Jim then sketched out the biggest ring ever with 'L' and 'J' in diamonds and a massive rock sticking out of his ring. I was quite shocked by this, and how 'Puff Daddy' Jim had become - ha!

Charlotte (the jeweller), managed to calm Jim down a bit, and I 'upped' my design to somewhere match Jim's 'blingyness'. Jim justified our craziness by saying we will live in a cave in our older years - well, i'm well up for that, as you probably know. ;)

So here are our engagement rings! *You might want to put your sunglasses on.*



In the end we decided against traditional diamonds, and went for mandarin garnets instead...they promote creativity don't you know! (Plus we LOVE the colour!) We also decided on a trillion cut which which was also meaningful to us.

We are literally over the moon with our rings! If you are looking for a special piece of jewellery, we would highly recommend Charlotte at Alexandra Flynn Jewellery in Dartmouth (google her!) We are not just saying this but we are so glad we got her to design our rings, and now we have something really well made, special and unique. 

Whilst we are being lovey dovey - I just found this photo of us when we first met. I remember being really scared (in a good way.) I constantly felt sick for at least the first six months of dating him, and thought he was actually magical.

Our proposals were a bit (a lot) forced and staged, because we already knew we were getting engaged by designing the rings! However, all the ladies at work made Jim get down on one knee anyway...(just as soon as we had got into work, all sweaty from our bike ride and covered in mud!) Once Jim's ring was made, I did the modern woman thing and proposed to him right back, down on one knee. Haha! Well, we do live in modern times, and he does do all the cooking. ;)

Kai, Kaitlin and Olive are really happy we are getting married, and they are in charge of organising a big party. Apparently I have to wear a suit and Jim has to wear a dress, and there are going to be zombies......err.......watch this space! Love F & J Xx