29 December 2015

Me and Mine - 2015


This year we took part in the 'Me & Mine' project, hosted by the amazing Tigerlilly Quinn. This project involves you posting a photo of your family at the end of each month, and write about what you have been up to. I'm not sure if people find what we get up to that interesting, but it's nice from our point of view to look back and have an online diary with all of our memories. We did find that this year we were lucky enough to have had a lot of lovely memories, but we hardly ever managed to get a photo of all of us in one place! Haha! Our NY resolution is to buy a selfie stick! For this post, we thought we would add our fave 'Me & Mine' photos of the year!

Kai and Kaitin in the mini...on a mini adventure!

Flossy and Kaitlin doing a terrible 'duck face'...

...which was apparently contagious. Nice pout Jim.

One of our highlights of 2015 - Kai and Kaitlin starring in the 'Lion King'. Actually blew our minds. Words could not explain how proud we were of them. Absolutely fantastic.

All of us...almost. Think Jim was making a pot of tea.

On our way to an awards ceremony, where we were nominated for 'Best Blog.' (We didn't win and smashed the place up in rage. Joking obvs.) 

An impromptu pilgrimage to Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton. 

Our business highlight was winning the excellence award for 'Best New Business 2015.' (Totes had to get that in!)

We hope you have enjoyed reading our 'Me & Mine' posts. We have discovered lots of new bloggers through taking part, and it so fun to read about other peoples lives. We are well nosey - so we find it fascinating. Haha! If you are not involved...why not give it a go for 2016? Hope you have a fab new year and we will be back very soon! Lots of love F & J Xx