12 December 2015

A Christmas Cave and a Laser Dog!

Yo ho ho! It's nearly Christmas and we are EXCITED, although it does mean we have also been very busy lately, with different projects and A LOT of Christmas Portraits. We decided that we would take a tiny two day holiday this week to recharge. (Woohoo! We love being our own bosses!) 

We decided to pootle down the road and into Cornwall! We went to a beach in North Cornwall called Watergate Bay, and it is now my top favourite beach EVER! When we were there we found a cave and went exploring. We did a video for you, so could become involved in the 'Christmas Caving Experience.' (You are totes welcome.) 

Such a beautiful cave! We could have moved in right there and then!

After our beach exploration, we spent some time on the beach looking for treasure, and made this necklace out of rubbish we found. We left it on the beach for a passing mermaid to wear.

After all the beach walking we went for afternoon tea at the Headland Hotel, which is where 'The Witches' by Roald Dahl was filmed. Every time we go there I keep looking for talking mice hiding behind the curtains - haha!

After this little getaway, we felt much more relaxed and recharged, so much so, we decided to paint a vampire horse on Kaitlin's bedroom wall...(with some help from Kaitlin.)


In dog news - Olive has not liked the wind and rain this week, and has spent the week chilling under blankets, and by the fire. We discovered she does not 'do winter', and prefers to spend her time as a hot-dog...(don't make her angry - she might shoot you with her laser eyes.)

Hot Dog.

So, that was our week! What have you lot been up to? Hmm!? Hmmmm!?!? *Shines torch in your face* Xx