3 November 2015

The Turnip Prize

We launched a competition last week called 'The Turnip Prize', which is a play on the famous 'Turner Prize' and where you can submit your very own art installation to us.

We decided to do our own project, called 'Eye, eye, eye, eye, staying alive', which is where we make inanimate objects come to life with the help of some googly eyes. Here is what we have come up with so far.

Please feel free to send in your pictures to us via our facebook page or email: flossyandjim@mail.com, for a chance to win a Flossy and Jim goody bag! You don't have to do the 'eye' thing - do whatever you like! Although we do wholly support googly-eye use.

(Deadline: 09.00am Nov 30th 2015)

Walk here eyes

Yes,...that is a horse poo with eyes.

Car eyes!

Magic pencil eyes

Third eye 
4uraQT Nails eyes

Olive eyes wanting food.

Bike lane sign

Eye'll be going now. Xx