16 November 2015

Horsin' about!

So after 'flu-gate' last week, we are feeling much better! Yay!

Poorly pyjama kind of a week.

Now feeling much better, although a little horse. BOOM!

My view at work.

We totes need a trolley

Whilst in this silly horsey type of mood, we decided to launch our new alternative christmas cards this week! If you are fed up of sending cards with cute pictures of Santa on, or a traditional snowy village, why not send a 'Totes Magical Unicorn', or a 'Rad Vampire Horse' card instead?! 

These cards are now available from our shop in Dartmouth or at our online shop: www.flossyandjim.com If you decide to buy five or more cards we will even send you a special free gift! Well. it is Christmas after all!

Hope you are all keeping warm and well! Xx